Covid 19 Application

About your group

Give us details about your group and who to contact.

About the project

Gives us details about your project.

Budget Details

Safeguarding and Insurance

This is to ensure you, your volunteers and those you help are safe.

  • About your group
  • About the Project
  • Budget Details
  • Safeguarding and Insurance

About your group

Name of Group

Contact Person

Email address of contact

Telephone Number

About your project

Name of Project

Details of Project: what you are going to do, how and how will you manage and keep people safe

How will your project benefit Sompting Residents

How will you demonstrate you have achieved these outcomes.

How many people are involved in delivering your project including volunteers (please split this into paid and volunteers)

How many people are likely to benefit


Please upload your Budget- this will include item, cost and how much you are requesting from Sompting Big Local

Max. size: 64.0 MB

Are you applying for any funding from elsewhere


If the project involves children under 18, or vulnerable adults do you have appropriate policies

Do staff/volunteers hold current DBS certificates


Do you have public Liabilty insurance

Conflict of Interest

Are you or any members of your group on the Sompting Big Local Partnership?

Are you or any of members of your group related to anyone on the Sompting Big Local Parntership

Date submited