Online Events

Just because we can not hold events in person, doesn’t mean we are not going to hold events!

Need to book for one of our virtual events- here the place to do it!

We are using zoom for our events at the moment. We found it to be an easy platform for all users, however if you want a practice without everyone watching let us know- we will set up a one-to-one zoom call with you and show you around, or if you and group of friends want some help, we can do small group help too.

We will send you a zoom link, click on it and follow the instructions, it will ask you to download the app but this is safe!

Zoom have added a lot of security features, and we will do all we can to keep you safe online, this includes

  • only using password protected meetings
  • when you first join you will be put into a waiting room- only those who have pre-registered will be allowed to enter.
  • Screen Sharing for those taking part is turned off, so only the host can screen share
  • We ensure that encryption is turned on.
  • We will never publicly release the zoom meeting number and password, only those that have registered will recieve it.

Our Current events

Tuesdays 7.30pm Zoom Bingo

Thursday 10.30 am Hugs With Mugs Virtual Coffee morning