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Grant Awarded

Posted by Emma

7th December 2021

We are delighted to be able to award North Lancing Primary a grant for funding a new bike Shed. Whilst the school is not within the Sompting Big Local boundary, we are aware that a large number of Sompting youngsters, especially those living in North Sompting attend the School.
North Lancing Primary School are aiming to improve Sompting families health and well being by facilitating increased use of sustainable travel to and from
school. It is hoped that successful implementation will lead to a reduction of local traffic and congestion. The school already provides road safety training
and access to bikeability courses. The next phase of the project is to provide safe and secure storage for bikes and scooters through the purchase and installation of a bike/scooter shelter.
The award is for half the amount required, with the North Lancing PTA fund raising for the remaining amount.